Cannons Marina

Longboat Key, Florida
2016 To Date

Cannons Marina is one of the top Grady-White/Yamaha dealers in Florida. A boutique marina with top-notch customer service.

Like many small businesses, Cannons Marina has a limited advertising budget. But the longstanding Longboat Key dealership manages to keep a constant presence in local media outlets by having a well-crafted website to reach potential new customers while maintaining relationships with its loyal fan base. That’s why Cannons’ brand evolution started slowly, step by step: producing new ads, reprinting business cards, designing a new billboard and implementing new marketing campaigns, all while keeping the recently designed logotype. With that elemental progression, a new shade of navy blue, new fonts, new graphic elements could be introduced in a subtle but thoughtful way. A leader in its market niche, Cannons Marina has always emphasized a top-notch digital platform that keeps current with media trends.

In 2018, Cannons leadership committed to a major website redesign. After considering the strengths and weaknesses of the old site, we opted for maximized visuals and to create a clean user experience interface. The new layout also incorporated aspects of the brand overhaul that had already been implanted in print ads, stationery and other media, strengthening the relationship between the website’s look and the brand’s current iteration.

In addition, we designed and developed a custom WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates live boat feeds from Boat Trader into the existing Cannons website so that the user experience glides effortlessly from element to element while keeping the site’s design integrity.

  • Testimonial

I contracted Persimmon to help create and run my website for a boutique condo development. I found them to be creative, professional, efficient, and communicative throughout the process. In addition, Pepe has been great to work with after the launch and has provided ongoing customer service.

David Lehrman